Cultura Urbana, Peisaj cultural urban

Stan Angelica, 2014, Cultura Urbana, Peisaj cultural urban, in: Crăciun, C., Bostenaru Dan, M. (ed.), ‘Planning and Designing Sustainable and Resilient Landscapes’, Springer Netherlands, Dordrecht

  • Author : Stan Angelica
  • Year : 2014
  • English Title : Urban Culture, Urban Cultural Landscape
  • Published in Book : Planning and Designing Sustainable and Resilient Landscapes
  • Pages : 107-115
  • Abstract in English : The purpose of this paper is to investigate the relationship between the concepts of "culture" and "cultural landscape", both regarding the actual urban space. As the semantic spheres of these terms overlap and because there are many other approaches almost similar, but tributary to specific areas – as “cultural geography”, “cultural anthropology”, “cultural history”, etc.), clarifying and discussing the nuances that distinguish these concepts, customizing them for Romania's situation, become necessary and useful actions. In terms of the architect-urban planner, urban culture is like an umbrella under which takes place the theoretical and practical planning work; finding the common denominator between the various theories that govern this area of research, may seem an utopist attempt. This approach is a sketch of a possible research route in order to identify the core curriculum in the high ramification of studies on urban culture and urban cultural landscape.
  • Outline in English : 1 Introduction 2 An integrative approach to urban culture 3 Urban culture in Romanian space 4 Urban culture as a multi-layered concept 5 Urban culture as poetry 6 Urban / sub-urban culture and landscapes 7 Conclusion