Enhancing the ability to analyze the landscape architecture educational structure through the views of students

Karadeniz, N. & S. Açiksöz, 2004, Enhancing the ability to analyze the landscape architecture educational structure through the views of students, in: ECLAS (Jørgensen, K. & G. Fry), ‘A critical light on landscape architecture’, ,

  • Author : Karadeniz, N. & S. Açiksöz
  • Year : 2004
  • Published in Book : A critical light on landscape architecture
  • Abstract in English : Today, Turkey passes through a period, which sees major changes in social, cultural and economic contexts. Being in the process of participation in the European Union as well, education comes to the foreground as another important sector seeing rapid changes and accommodation activities. In Turkey, Landscape Architecture education has also entered a re-structuring process and discussions were started on educational policies with a view to create livable environments. In the years when landscape architecture education began in Turkey, its basic issue was “park and garden design”, and educational programs were shaped accordingly. In later years, the angle of view to landscape architecture education has also differentiated, depending on the changing conditions and national needs. Today, however, educational policies are needed to be shaped in an understanding of education, vocational training, application and research, which is sensitive to current national and international requirements, has an environmental awareness and operates effectively. Depending of these needs, all landscape architecture departments in Turkey have been trying to develop a contemporary educational program for undergraduate students. Today, there are total 21 Landscape Architecture Departments in Turkey, including 12 that already provide education and 9 that are currently preparing for education. Five of these twelve departments belong to the faculties of agriculture. Although all Landscape Architecture students from different Faculties such as Agriculture, Forestry, and Architecture take same professional title after graduation, there are sharp differences among the programs of the different Landscape Architecture Departments. In this paper, the point of view of undergraduate students to Landscape Architecture educational system and their expectations for educational and professional development of Landscape Architecture are evaluated by using questionnaire forms to the students of three Landscape Architecture Departments which belong to Agricultural Faculties in Turkey.