Sustainable Food Planning Online Lecture April 1


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Sustainable food planning is a thriving transdisciplinary research and policy field bringing together policymakers, academics, community workers, and practitioners across the globe. Food charters, food strategies, and food policy councils have multiplied, ‘alternative food networks’ have gained significant and growing shares of the food market and new forms of reallocation of food production, including urban agriculture, are gaining ground and becoming central components of new food policy strategies. Planning for sustainable food production and food provision is more than ever urging us to look for more effective, equitable, and just approaches that radically change not only the way we grow food, but the very core of our living space. This seminar starts with an overview of the aspects of sustainable food systems and the planning that aims to foster the development of these systems. In the following lectures, an overview of recent developments and themes will be presented. First, we will have a look at the mapping of local and regional food systems. Participants can work on an assignment to map and evaluate their own local food system and develop an approach to improve it.

Ir Jeroen de Vries, a landscape architect, is a researcher at the LE:NOTRE Institute. He researches the design of foodscapes in metropolitan areas, the productivity of different typologies of UA, and strategies to integrate these in the spatial design of urban and peri-urban areas. Jeroen combines work as a professional practitioner, lecturer, and researcher. He co-ordinated the theme of foodscapes in the LE:NOTRE Landscape Forums in Rome, Zagreb, and Bratislava. His mission is to foster the development of local food systems.

Roxana Triboi is a Romanian urban planner with experience in urban and landscape planning in Romania and France and a Ph.D. in Architecture on urban pastoralism.  Her professional experience revolved around the urban-productive-nature paradigm, currently in charge of Territorial Food Project for the Urban Agency of Clermont-Ferrand and Sustainable Food Planning Research for the LE:NOTRE Institute. Amongst other things she held and contributed to a series of conferences and seminars on food planning and urban pastoralism like the international conference “Food Urbanism” in Tartu (2018), Decolonizing food systems and food research (2017), and the AESOP Sustainable Food Planning conference (2015).