Future oriented technologies: green roofs and solar power

Alt, F., 2004, Future oriented technologies: green roofs and solar power, International Green roof Association

  • Author : Alt, F.
  • Year : 2004
  • Pages : 6-14
  • Publisher : International Green roof Association
  • Abstract in English : The energy has become the key question of modern developed countries and developing countries. Environmental disasters are becoming more and more common. 70% of all environmetal problems are energy problems. The chance towards renewable energies must take place within the next fifty years. Only then we have an escape route from the greenhouse effect. Other wise we have to face wars about resources, ever increasing energy costs and the destruction of our irreplaceable environment. The use of solar power offers very good future prospects. In addition, the combination of solar power facilities and green roofs offers special synergetic advantages (e.g. installation, energy production) that are frequently unknown.
  • Comments/Notes : KEYWORDS: roof gardens, solar energy, greenhouse effect, solar architecture, significance. SEE ALSO: IGRA, 2004. International Green Roof Congress. Conference Transcript. International Green roof Association, Berlin. 176.