Hospital outdoor spaces

Paine, R., C. Francis, C. Copper Marcus & M. Branes, 1997, Hospital outdoor spaces, in: Cooper Marcus, C. & C. Francis, ‘People places’, Wiley & Sons, Ontario

  • Author : Paine, R., C. Francis, C. Copper Marcus & M. Branes
  • Year : 1997
  • English Title : Hospital outdoor spaces
  • Published in Book : People places
  • Pages : 311-343
  • Abstract in English : This chapter offers guidelines and recommendations for the design of hospital outdoor spaces. It is dealing with: The evolution of hospital design, the changing medical paradigm and research linking health and environment, literature on hospital outdoor spaces, users of hospital outdoor spaces, Activities in hospital outdoor spaces. Design recommendations (and issues) pp. 320-331: site planning and location, physic access to outdoor spaces, views to outdoors, awareness of outdoor spaces, planting, site furniture. Case studies (5)of hospital outdoor spaces (successful features/unsuccessful features) pp. 331-338. References pp. 339-340. Design review checklist (83 points of attention: adult patients, child patients, visitors, staff, site planning and location, physical access, views to outdoors, awareness to outdoor spaces, planting, site furniture) pp. 341-343.