Public preference for tree density in municipal parks

Schroeder, H.W. & T.L. Green, 1985, Public preference for tree density in municipal parks, in: Journal of Arboriculture, 11, 9

  • Author : Schroeder, H.W. & T.L. Green
  • Year : 1985
  • Journal/Series : Journal of Arboriculture
  • Volume Number (ANNUAL: Counting Volumes of the Year shown above) : 9
  • Volume Number (CONSECUTIVE: Counting all Volumes of this Journal ever published) : 11
  • Pages : 272-277
  • Abstract in English : Research on public preferences for outdoor environments such as parks and streets gas consistently show that trees make an important contribution to the aesthetic quality of the environment as experiences by users. There is as yet, however, little information on what the right density of trees is for park landscape. Is the an ‘optimal’ density, so that planting too many trees would actually decrease the scenic quality of the park landscape? To answer this question, we must turn to the user and potential users of the park and learn how the trees found the park affect their perception and preferences. The results suggest that the estimates of optimal tree density presented may be used as a guideline for park tree replacement. Estimates such as these should be regarded as general guidelines of landscape design and management, rather than as precise prescriptions. The spatial arrangement of trees with respect to each other and to the features of the park may have important influences on scenic beauty, and deviations from the optimal density may enhance the appearance of the park by producing variety and special effects. The park designer or manager must still use professional judgement in developing a specific strategy for park tree placement.
  • Comments/Notes : KEYWORDS: tree density, trees, quality, environmental psychology. UTILITY: lecturers/teachers, academic research, students of universities of professional education. It is about the same article as Schroeder (1986). Reading both articles makes this research better understandable.