50 years of Donaupark: Visions and strategies of urban planning

In the 1950s and 1960s, garden shows were part of urban planning visions
and instruments to create spacious parks. The Vienna International
Garden Show in 1964 is a successful example of such sustainable urban
development and landscape design. The garden show formed not only a
spacious recreational park, the Donaupark, but was also a starting point
for a large urban development on the so far neglected left shore of the
Danube. In 2014, at the fiftieth anniversary of the Donaupark, we want
to present an extensive documentation on the park?s design and

  • Title Original : 50 Jahre Donaupark
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  • Notes : Publications
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  • Project start : 2011
  • Project end : 2011
  • Contact Person : Ulrike Krippner
  • Funding Agency : City Council of Vienna, Municipal Department 18, Rathausstraße 14-16, A-1010 Wien, Austria