A character assessment of Oxford and its landscape setting

Land Use Consultants, 2002, A character assessment of Oxford and its landscape setting, Natural England

  • Author : Land Use Consultants
  • Year : 2002
  • Title English : A character assessment of Oxford and its landscape setting
  • Publisher : Natural England
  • Abstract in English : Part 1 of the report identifies the main influences on the contemporary landscape of Oxford, including its broader landscape setting within the County, the topographic, geological and ecological conditions, human influences and issues relating to the management of future change. Part 2 explains the underlying approach to landscape characterisation, and the process of identifying landscape types. The study identifies and describes 52 discrete character areas in and around Oxford - character areas are geographically specific areas of a landscape/townscape type which have their own unique character or 'sense of place'. Each of the 52 character area descriptions sets down the important features that need to be conserved and further improvements that can be made are also identified. Part 3 explains how the character area assessment can be related to landscape and townscape policy generation in the Oxford Local Plan. The descriptions provide useful information for helping to formulate policies, on future development for example, in these character areas and should support development control decisions and judgements on design and aesthetic considerations. This section of the report also sets out a method for valuing the character areas in terms of their landscape and townscape sensitivity, using 7 criteria covering landscape quality, biodiversity value, historic integrity, the extent of inter-visibility, presence or absence of open space, re-creatability of the landscape and townscape, and overall sensitivity. (Available from: http://www.countryside.gov.uk/LAR/Landscape/CIAT/towns/research/OxfordReport.asp)
  • Comments/Notes : Prepared for the Countryside Agency and Oxford City Council, Unpublished Report (For information please contact Virgina Hinze or Grahan Steaggles at www.english-heritage.org.uk)