A framework for design practice and education

Steinitz, C., 1992, A framework for design practice and education, in: ECLAS, ‘Concepts on landscape architecture’, , Ljubljana

  • Author : Steinitz, C.
  • Year : 1992
  • Published in Book : Concepts on landscape architecture
  • Abstract in English : The first part of the presentation describes a six-level framework which organizes questions which are necessary to consider in design education and practice. "Design" is used herein as a verb: "to conceive and plan out in the mind. ..to have.a purpose" (Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary). In this sense, landscape architecture is one of the several "design professions." Each level of this framework has an associated modelling type. It is proposed that an appropriate design method can result (in large part) from the articulation of the six levels of models in reverse order from, and prior to, the actual carrying-out of a project. It further argues that at any scale or time-stage, both effectiveness and efficiency are dependent upon the progression of the design project through all six levels. The framework will be demonstrated by its application to garden design and to a recently completed study of "Alternative Futures for the Snyderville Basin, Summit County, Utah, U.S.A." Finally, if the framework is useful in linking questions and models, it can become the basis for a strategy of education for the design professions.