A prison environment’s effect on health care service demands

Moore, E.O., 1981, A prison environment’s effect on health care service demands, in: Journal of Environmental Systems, 11, 1

  • Author : Moore, E.O.
  • Year : 1981
  • Journal/Series : Journal of Environmental Systems
  • Volume Number (ANNUAL: Counting Volumes of the Year shown above) : 1
  • Volume Number (CONSECUTIVE: Counting all Volumes of this Journal ever published) : 11
  • Pages : 17-34
  • Abstract in English : Sub-environments within the prison for causal variables related to increased rates of healthcare utilization has been studied. Speculation is that unique combinations and accumulations of environmental stresses exist in sub-environments which are causal. This study indicated a relationship between inmates’ use of health care facilities at this prison and the view from their cell. The prisoners with a view at the surrounding farmland sought health care least of all. In other words, those who looked out onto the farmland were better of.
  • Comments/Notes : KEYWORDS: environmental psychology, window views, health, well-being, prison, prisoners. UTILITY: lecturers/teachers, academic research. Especially in relationship with other articles on window views it highlights the significance of visual access to the green area.