Abir Aramin Memorial Schoolyard Gardens

The project: “Abir Aramin’s Garden- A safe place to grow” is a memorial to 10 year old Abir Aramin who was shot and killed in January 2007 by Israeli soldiers close to her school in Anata, East Jerusalem. Abir was the daughter of Bassam Aramin, one of the founders of the Israeli/Palestinian NGO, Combatants for Peace. The project is a cooperative effort by the Aramin family, Combatants for Peace, The Rebuilding Alliance, and Women of Certain Age.
The project was initiated in order to give the children of Anata the opportunity to play safely in an organized playground. The project plan was designed voluntarily by landscape architect Judy Green. The project is divided into stages, in order to ensure continuous progress in the school yard improvement. The first stage of the project, the playground, was implemented in early 2008. The construction itself was carried out by Combatants for Peace members, Anata’s inhabitants and Israeli and Palestinian peace-seekers.

  • Address : Anata Girl's School, Anata, East Jerusalem
  • Region : Palestinian Authority
  • GPS X : 35.087585449218750000
  • GPS Y : 31.840815986845683000
  • Project start : 2007
  • Project end : ongo
  • Implementation start : 2008
  • Implementation end : 2008
  • Website : http://www.combatantsforpeace.org
  • Project Status : Implemented in part
  • Client : Combatants for Peace
  • Ownership : Public
  • Accessibility : Limited public access
  • Project Team : Judy Green, Fahmi Salameh
  • Brief Description : Memorial Schoolyard Garden in memory of a Palestinian 10 year old, Abir Aramin.
  • Designer : Design Co-operative
  • Project Name : Original : Abir Aramin Memorial Schoolyard Gardens
  • Type : Memorial landscapes
  • Image Title : Anata Girl's Schoolyard Improvements - General Plan
  • Image Desc : The Abir Aramin Memorial Garden project is designed to be implemented in stages and to upgrade this neglected westbank schoolyard in memory of Abir who was shot and killed nearby.
Image Title: Abir Aramin Memorial Schoolyard GardensImage Title: Abir Aramin Memorial Schoolyard Gardens