Accessibility in the outdoors for persons with disabilities: ‘striking a balance’

Roffee, L. & P.H. Greenwell, 2004, Accessibility in the outdoors for persons with disabilities: ‘striking a balance’, in: OPENspace, ‘Open space, people space’, OPENspace, Edinburgh

  • Author : Roffee, L. & P.H. Greenwell
  • Year : 2004
  • Published in Book : Open space, people space
  • Abstract in English : Can a playground or a hiking trail be accessible to persons with disabilities without significantly changing the experience for others? Can accessibility guidelines for the design of facilities be developed that promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities in outdoor environments? Over the past ten years, the United States Access Board has worked toward accomplishing this goal. New accessibility guidelines were developed in an attempt to ‘strike a balance’ in providing access in these unique areas. Guidelines for both playgrounds and outdoor spaces were developed through a consensus process. This process enabled the US to engage entities affected by the rules to work toward producing acceptable guidelines. The guidelines reflect the balancing of the various issues such as safety, accessibility, cost and preserving the nature of the experience one has in a playground or taking a hike in the woods.
  • Comments/Notes : KEYWORDS: accessibility guidelines, play areas, outdoor. [paper 6 p.]