Alte Bibel – a 21st C. Park for Bernburg – ‘Networking’ – Wire / Wireless Networks

Network / ‘Networking’
Network is an interactive system composed of with different connecting elements and points.
‘Networking’ is employed for the ‘Alte Bibel’ to enhance the functioning of the park in the shrinking city by linking various previously disconnected elements.

Wire(less) Network’
A wireless network – consists of visible ‘transmission or receiving /connecting stations’ and invisible ‘wiring’ or ‘transmission’. It connects different types and aspects of relationships. It links fragmentary elements in the park, links the park to the city, and establishes links between the park and people’s mind. By using a kind of ‘invisible cable’ consisting of such cable parts as place of point, line, or area, space use in and around the park is vitalized, people are connected to the community, and ‘wired’ – enabled to learn subconsciously.

  • English Title : Alte Bibel - a 21st C. Park for Bernburg - ‘Networking’ – Wire / Wireless Networks
  • University : Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, DE
  • Project was done for Course Unit : Independent Studio ( Independent Studio )
  • Coordinates - Longitude: : 0.000000000000000000
  • Coordinates - Latitude: : 0.000000000000000000
  • Notes : Instructor: Landscape Architect Anemone Beck Koh
  • Academic Year : 2006 / 07
  • City : Bernburg
  • Project Language : English
  • Image Title : Alte Bibel - Networking - Student project 3