Analyzing and communicating landscape change

Ode, A. , 2005, Analyzing and communicating landscape change, in: ECLAS (D. Oguz), ‘Landscape change’, Department of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Agriculture Ankara University, Ankara

  • Author : Ode, A.
  • Year : 2005
  • Published in Book : Landscape change
  • Pages : 198-207
  • Abstract in English : The rural landscape is under constant transformation, where the demands for production and environment influence and change the character of the landscape. Besides being a facilitator for production, the landscape is also a recreational and home environment for the urban and rural population, contributing towards people’s perceived quality of life. Landscape change affects functions, such as ecology and production, as well as the visual outcome. In order to understand change there is a demand for tools that could capture and describe these changes. This paper describes some of the developments being undertaken in relation to quantitative methods of representing landscape change and visualization tools, as part of a European Commission funded project ‘VisuLands’. Different aspects of landscape functions and change have been analyzed in order to develop tools to assist landscape planners, and the public, in the process of decision-making, and the information to the process. The purpose of the tools is to provide a means of assessing the balance between the quality of the visual, ecological, cultural and production aspects of the countryside. This paper will present the background to the development of the toolkit, and examples of the outputs
  • Comments/Notes : KEYWORDS: visualization tools, landscape indicator, participatory planning, decision support, GIS. / Eclas 2005