Ankara’nın ilk imar planı, H. Jansen Planı

  • English Title : The first development plan of Ankara, H. Jansen's Plan
  • Type Of Study Area : Other
  • Main Stages Involved In The Planning Process : Ankara, by the time it has been declared as the capital city, faced important and appropriate planning processes with certain policy and applications. With the context, after the plans prepared in 1924 and 1925 which couldn’t have brought to realization, in 1927 a planning competition organised that resulted in 1928 with the success of Herman Jansen. Planning process in Ankara, starting with Jansen’s plan that focuses on unitary urban development which was as well good for nationwide planning practice lead the necessity or re-planning of the city with the increasing population especially by immigration that was caused after the World War II. depending on the developments that the city was facing in 1969 “Ankara Metropoliten Area Urban Planning Department” constitution was formed. This department renovated the urban plans time to time for Ankara metropoliten area. Future prospects and plans are still being prepared.
  • Preparation : 1928
  • Approval : 1932
  • Main Land Use Issues Dealt With : Urban Areas
  • Location : Ankara, TR
  • Image Title : Hermann Jansen