Architectural Survey of Signalmen House 123

Architectural Survey
of Signalmen House 123
Due to the construction of the Semmering base tunnel changes will occur in the
region that are particularly visible in the portal areas. Through the
construction of the high-level infrastructure, it is necessary to tear down the
signalmen houes 123 at km 76.255 on the left side of the railtrack next to
Gloggnitz station.
The exact and complete architectural survey has the goal of recording and
documenting the complex whole of the singalmen house in its actual condition.
It will be documented in the form of plans and photographs. The photographs
capture the overall spatial structure as well as the architectural details. All
plan representations are created in 1:50 scale.

  • Website : http://
  • Project start : 0201
  • Project end : 0201
  • Contact Person : Tusch Roland, Project Leader
  • Funding Agency : Verein der Freunde der Semmeringbahn, Paßhöhe 248, 2680 Semmering, Austria ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG, Austria
  • Project structure : Applied Research