Audio-visual interactions in soundscape preferences

Carles, J., Bernaldez, F. & J. De Lucio, 1996, Audio-visual interactions in soundscape preferences, in: Landscape Research, 17, 2

  • Author : Carles, J., Bernaldez, F. & J. De Lucio
  • Year : 1996
  • Journal/Series : Landscape Research
  • Volume Number (ANNUAL: Counting Volumes of the Year shown above) : 2
  • Volume Number (CONSECUTIVE: Counting all Volumes of this Journal ever published) : 17
  • Pages : 52-56
  • Abstract in English : The analysis of preferences for combinations of four sounds and eight visual landscapes revealed that the sound and not the visual components dominated the patterns of preference. This is attributed to more varied nature of the sounds in comparison with the relatively homogenous quality of visual scenes shown. The affective role of sound in combination with the visual setting deserves more attention and this traditional ingredient of landscaping deserves to be revived. As a general conclusion, sound, an apparently neglected component of the landscape, deserves more research into its interaction with the visual aspects. Attention is increasingly being paid to the role of landscape in promoting human health and lowering stress levels and sound and noise are widely recognised as important stress-modifying agents in modern society. This would facilitate the adequate use of sound effects in landscape design and management, thus reclaiming a very important ingredient of traditional gardening.
  • Comments/Notes : KEYWORDS: sound, acoustic, nature experience, preference, quality. UTILITY: lecturers/teachers, academic research.