BaigDooDaeGahn – restoration approach for degraded mountain range in Korea

BaigDooDaeGahn is a mountain range which runs through most of the length of the Korean Peninsula. It is often referred to as the “spine” of the Korean Peninsula andisdepicted in various historic artworks. Despite its high level of symbolic and ecological values, BaigDooDaeGahn has been widely disturbed by human activities and barely recovered since 1970s. This study reports an entry stage of designing a participatory restoration system for disturbed sites. The sites in BaigDooDaeGahn were categorized by two characteristics, their physical conditions in terms of possibility of public participatory restoration and the readiness of local communities required for pursuing endogenous development. Based upon the integrative categorization, High 1 Resort, one of the disturbed sites in BaigDooDaeGhan was selected as a model project of participatory restoration. The most distinguished feature of the proposed restoration system is to integrate the existing restoration approach focusing on biophysical conditions into the sustainability-building approach to reactivate socio-economic conditions of local society, called ?restoration of eco-cultural community’. A participatory restoration system with environmental education and ecotourism programs for targeted groups is proposed. More detailed considerations of the integrative categorization and participatory restoration system are discussed.

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  • Project start : 2007
  • Project end : 2008
  • Contact Person : Tong Mahn Ahn
  • Funding Agency : Ministry of Environment, Korea