Basic principles of a monument protection – the public park in Pieštany

Gažová, D. & M. Turancová, 2006, Basic principles of a monument protection – the public park in Pieštany, in: ECLAS (Dragovic, T.), ‘Cutural dimensions of urban landscape’, Spectra Centre of Excellence & Road 2006,

  • Author : Gažová, D. & M. Turancová
  • Year : 2006
  • Published in Book : Cutural dimensions of urban landscape
  • Pages : 84
  • Abstract in English : BASIC PRINCIPLES OF A MONUMENT PROTECTION – THE PUBLIC PARK IN PIEŠŤANY Keywords: historic park restoration, town park, spa park, protection of monument, principles, rules, methodology A public park in Piešťany town – Sad A. Kmeťa (originally a spa park) was arisen in Piešťany - a famous Slovak spa town. The park was established by the family of Erdödy in the 18th century. It is interesting especially because of significant green line element´s (alley´s) concentration. The alleys in the park have been in a visual connection with surrounding landscape. In the park, there are also four historic monuments, two sculptures and two buildings as well as other objects of lower historical values. Since the 1909 the park area started to be reduced by the development of private and spa villas. In the 1963 the public park in Piešťany was designated a national cultural monument. In general, this park can be classified as a one of the oldest and best preserved park types in Slovakia. It has been visited by town inhabitants as well as spa residents for the whole period of its existence. The original layout and planting concept have been changed and layerd over during the park historical development. An impulse to create this document (sponsored by The Museum of Balneology in Piešťany) besides was the increasing pressure on the urbanisation also in the park area. Urban development in the park area would reduce its health, climatic, cultural, historic, educational, ecological and dendrological qualities and functions. Project called “Basic Principles of Monument Protection – The Public Park in Piešťany“was created on a demand for determination of basic principles of a monument protection in process of a historic park restoration. The principles can be used for solving conceptional questions of the further park development in relationship to other town functions. The project result will guide the next park restoration in the natural park style, as well as satisfy all park facilities. The project deals also with defining of recommendations for preservation and restoration of physical and visual relationships with surrounding landscape. The goal of this work was to create an integrated document, that respects cultural, historical and vegetative qualities of the Piešťany public park and defines possibilities of its sustainable development as a cultural and historical monument and prospective protected natural element. In the form of analytical and methodical study, the document analyzes the historical development and today’s conditions of the park (it analyzes its functions, composition, dendrology and conditions of legislative monument protection). Based on their assessment and evaluation, there are defined the basic principles for any other intervention to the park area in terms of legal monument protection. It defines regulatives, principles and conditions of monument protection that are particularized to the urban, architectural, functional and technical principles, as well as dendrological and compositional principles. This project was creating by a group of authors from different professional fields as: Landscape Architecture, Urbanism and Urban Planning, Monument Protection and History.