Basin’s water balance by means of remote sensing and mathematical modeling

precipitation and evapotranspiration fields at a spatial resolution
of 4-12 km will be estimated from satellite images. The
Hydro-estimator precipitation estimation technique will be improved
based on considerations on the dynamics of convective systems and the
microphysiçs of clouds. Methods to validate the satellite-derived
precipitation estimates will be developed, taking in account that
point data has a poor area-representative value. Comparative analysis
will be performed between the obtained precipitation estimates and
those provided by the NASA-TRMM program. Methods of estimation of
potential and actual evapotranspiration will be developed from known
models of other authors, based on satellite images and in situ
observations. Multispectral images will be analyzed in order to find
appropriate relationships useful to estimate evapotranspiration. Soil
hydraulic characteristics will be estimated from satellite images.
Area-average values of precipitation and evapotranspiration will be
determined for sub-basins and cells at a rural watershed in the
Province of Entre Rios, which will be used as inputs to hydrological
models of distributed parameters. In this way we will try to assess
the uncertainty present in the model output (simulated runoff) which
is caused by the error associated to the model inputs.

  • Title Original : Balance hidrológico en cuencas mediante teledetección y modelado matemático
  • Website : http://
  • Project start : 2006
  • Project end : 2009
  • Contact Person : Daniel F. Barrera | Hector G. Rosatto
  • Funding Agency : University of Buenos Aires (UBACyT)