Braunhuber Park


  • Area : 0,48
  • GPS X : 16.414580600000022000
  • GPS Y : 48.170738900000000000
  • Implementation end : 2008
  • Website : http://
  • Project Status : Completed Project
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  • Brief Description : The existing stock of trees was the mainstay for the reorganisation of the park. The trees date from the 1960s and are dominated by groups of black pine. The idea was to create a spatial frame around the park area, while preserving and increasing its transparency and ensuring its quality as a friendly open space. The edges of the park are defined by the enclosed sections for the children's playground in the south and the dog area in the north, as well as the low retaining wall on the busy Lorystrasse in the east (Lička, L.; Grimm, K. (Hg.) (2015): nextland
    Zeitgenössische Landschaftsarchitektur in Österreich. Birkhäuser, Basel,
  • Designer : Land in Sicht Büro für Landschaftsplanung