Breaza Botanical Garden

The project is a solution that uses native plants, wild gras will grow with needing special attention. Using Prahova Valley's native plants, the project ensures a coherent connection with the rest of the Valley.<div>The Botanical Garden theme is the main part of the design, refering to the landslide area.</div>

  • Area : 11.38
  • GPS X : 25.668783187866210000
  • GPS Y : 45.192804521402610000
  • Project start : 2012
  • Project end : 2013
  • Implementation start : 2012
  • Implementation end : 2013
  • Context : The selected site is the Prahova River Valley, and mainly the part of the valley that belongs to Breaza City. Prahova River has a very long path that stretches from the Carpathian Mounts to Romanian Plains. Breaza City segment that I chose was modified a few years earlier caused by the landslide. The land aspect has been dramatically changed as well as the vegetation and the woodland. The urbanization projects refers to firstly moving the Prahova River underground using tubes (that are on course) and secondly building a suspended highway over the valley (project). Therefore the aesthetic and functional aspect of this valley will change drastically. 
  • Website : http://
  • Project Status : Student project
  • Client : Breaza Cityhall
  • Ownership : Public
  • Accessibility : Unrestricted areas
  • Brief Description : The site represents a type of site that was mostly natural, and now that is more and more urbanized. As a result I believe that this case is very interesting for finding the main problems and create a solution that diminishes or solves the issues entirely using planting design.
  • Designer : Faculty of Urbanism and Landscape
  • Location : Romania, Breaza de Jos, lat : 45.183186293690810000 - lng : 25.674448013305664000 address : Strada Miron C?proiu, Breaza de Jos, Romania
  • Project Name : Original : Gradina Botanica, Breaza
  • Type : Botanic gardens
Image Title: Breaza Botanical GardenImage Title: Breaza Botanical GardenImage Title: Breaza Botanical GardenImage Title: Breaza Botanical GardenImage Title: Breaza Botanical Garden