CEDAR – Central European Environmental Data Request Facility

Objectives of Project: In 1991, the International Society for Environmental Protection was selected by the Austrian Ministry for the Environment, Youth and Family to administer CEDAR, the Central European Environmental Data Request Facility. CEDAR was created to provide computing and Internetworking facilities to support international data exchange with the Central and Eastern European environmental community. Focusing at first mainly Central and Eastern European countries, CEDAR’s activities expanded quickly to an audience all over the world.

CEDAR dealt with environmental data concerning Europe as well as countries where CEDAR’s partners, like UNEP’s Environmental Information Network INFOTERRA, were planning their activities. CEDAR acted as a clearing house and communication focus for environmental information. A database of environmentally relevant links, distributed all over the world, allowed for specific search for online environmental information.

Weblink(s): http://www.cedar.at

  • Project start : 0000
  • Project end : 0000