Character Analysis of Cultural Landscapes in Antalya Side Region

In this research, cultural landscapes of Antalya-Side Region were defined by the Landscape Character Analysis Method. Landscape Character is distinctive properties which make one landscape different from another, while Landscape Character Analysis is the definition, classification and mapping of different landscapes. In the research, Landscape Types Coding System of the European Landscape Character Analysis Initiative was revised so as to use at regional scale in Antalya-Side Region. Pre-classification of Antalya-Side cultural landscape character areas and types was made on a map by using topography, geology, soil, land use and vegetation cover as basic data. The pre-classified landscape character areas and types were checked on-site by using “Landscape Character Analysis Field Observation Forms” and the final classification was made based on the field surveys. As a result, 7 landscape character areas and 22 landscape character types were determined and mapped. Statistical analyses verified the similarities between the landscape characters and landscape character areas/types which had been previously determined by field surveys. A further study of Side region landscape character areas and types in terms of such landscape perception factors as quality, safety, stimulus, tranquility and pleasure, and also in terms of economic, social, ecological, aesthetic and cultural dimensions of the landscape made it possible to understand different properties of and changes in the landscape and to define its needs for conservation.

  • Title Original : Antalya Side Bölgesi Kültürel Peyzajlarının Karakter Analizi
  • Project start : 0000
  • Project end : 2010
  • Contact Person : Dr. Meryem ATİK
  • Funding Agency : TÜBİTAK
  • Image Title : Cultural Landscape Character Areas and Types of Antalya Side Region