Children in the city

Christensen, P. & M.O’Brien, 2003, Children in the city, RoutledgeFalmer, London

  • Author : Christensen, P. & M.O’Brien
  • Year : 2003
  • Publisher : RoutledgeFalmer
  • Publisher's Location : London
  • ISBN : 0415259258
  • Pages : 210
  • Comments : KEYWORDS: children, cities, quality of live, communication, neighbourhoods, ethnicity, identity, institutionalisation, mobility, participation, planning, since of place, play, safety, streets, urban, spatial knowledge, traffic.
  • Outline : This book explore children’s lives and well-being in contemporary cities. At a time of intense debate about the quality of life in cities, this book examines how they can become good places for children to live. The authors consider the importance of the city as a social, cultural and material place for children and explore the connections and boundaries between home .neighbourhood, community and city, the authors stress the importance of engaging with how children see their city in order to reform it within a child-sensitive framework.