Children, transport and the quality of life

Hillman, M., 1997, Children, transport and the quality of life, in: Camstra, R., ‘Growing up in a changing urban landscape’, Van Gorcum, Assen

  • Author : Hillman, M.
  • Year : 1997
  • Published in Book : Growing up in a changing urban landscape
  • Pages : 11-23
  • Abstract in English : Travel as reflected in the widening ownership and use of cars has been described as a barometer of personal freedom. Measured by this barometer, most adults have achieved a marked improvement in recent decades. In sharp contrast, children have suffered a marked diminution, more so in larger than smaller communities. This aspect has been an almost totally overlooked phenomenon in countries of the developed world. In terms of children’s quality of life as it is affected by the rising volume and speed of traffic, there appear to be two alternative policy responses: ether we can continue to withdraw children from the growing threat that is posed, and inculcate fear in parents and children about the risk of exposure to it, or we can withdraw that threat by taming traffic. Major reforms, especially in the domain of transport, are required to resolve the conflicts of interest identified in the research on which this paper is based.
  • Comments/Notes : KEYWORDS: children, safety, traffic, home-centred lifestyle, gender, schoolchildren, children’s development.