Climate Proof Cities

The project Climate Proof Cities is part of the research programme Knowledge for Climate. Governmental organisations (central government, provinces, municipalities and water boards) and businesses, actively participate in research programming through the input
of additional resources (matching). 

How to make
cities climate proof? The research programme aims at “strengthening the
adaptive capacity and reducing the vulnerability of the urban system against
climate change and to develop strategies and policy instruments for adapting
our cities and buildings”. To reach this aim, the Consortium addresses the

· How will climate change influence
Dutch cities, and how and to which extent do cities affect the local climate

· How vulnerable are Dutch cities for
climate change, and what will be the impacts?

· Which measures and strategies are
available to improve the adaptive capacity of cities?

· How to implement these measures in
urban areas?

· What will be the balance of urgency,
costs and benefits?

The Landscape Architecture Group contributes with a PhD
research project focussing on green infrastructure to adapt urban environment
to heat problems.


  • Title Original : Klimaatbestendige steden
  • Website : http:///
  • Project start : 2010
  • Project end : 2014
  • Contact Person : Wageningen University: Adri van den Brink, Sanda Lenzholzer, Wiebke Klemm
  • Funding Agency : Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (NL)
  • Project Partners : Delft University of Technology, Eindhoven University of Technology, Utrecht University, Wageningen University and Research (including Alterra), various municipalities, provinces, water boards and many others