Conservation of Istanbul’s monumental trees

Uzun, A. & E. Mine F. Thompson, 2000, Conservation of Istanbul’s monumental trees, in: ECLAS (Aničić, B.), ‘Landscape of the future: the future of landscape architecture education’, Department of Landscape Architecture, Zagreb

  • Author : Uzun, A. & E. Mine F. Thompson
  • Year : 2000
  • Published in Book : Landscape of the future: the future of landscape architecture education
  • Pages : 201-208
  • Abstract in English : The protection of landscapes of cultural and historical significance is an important aspect of landscape architecture. In Istanbul, as in other Turkish cities, we can come across plantations dating from 500 years ago. These trees are very precious as both natural and historical monuments, not only making a major contribution to the green texture of cities, but also making links between the present and the past. The link between past and present is not only a poetic one but also a scientific and ethical one. These trees are “monumental” not only because they have a very distinctive height, age, etc. but also because of their symbolic, spiritual, mystical, historical and folkloric associations. Conservation of these trees is a very important aspect of Istanbul’s rich landscape heritage. What makes a tree a monument? How might we protect them? What are the specific conservation needs of monumental trees? What can we learn from them? Can these old plantations be a guide to future plantations? In this paper we will try to answer those and many more questions about monumental trees especially those which have shaped Istanbul’s landscape.