Contributions of spatial landscape planning for reducing individual land use

One of the mayor aims of the national strategy on sustainability is the reduction of land consumption. The role of official landscape planning for the implementation of this aim is discussed controversial. Sectoral requirement profiles for cross sectional landscape planning are nowadays developed and accepted but have not been worked into an overall concept.

Official Landscape planning nowadays is facing a new situation. On the one hand a consolidation of what was reached until today is needed, on the other hand it has to be found a future perspective. New tasks and organisational structures were discovered by this research project.

First relevant requirements of landscape planning had to be formulated, analyzed and evaluated. Outcomes of this process were used during the consultation of representatives of science and praxis. Using all outcomes a coherent overall concept focusing on the role of landscape planning in land consumption by settlements and infrastructure facilities was evolved.

  • Title Original : Beiträge der flächendeckenden Landschaftsplanung zur Reduzierung der Flächeninanspruchnahme
  • Project start : 0000
  • Project end : 0000
  • Contact Person : Prof. Dr. Diedrich Bruns, Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Mengel, Dipl.-Ing. Elke Weingarten, Dr. Anke Schekahn
  • Funding Agency : Bundesamt für Naturschutz (BfN) (FKZ 803 82 030)