COST Action E12 – Urban Forests and Trees

Objectives of Project: This research project is conducted in the framework of COST E12 (Urban Forests and Trees). It is a cross-cultural comparison in the cities of Geneva, Lugano and Zürich on the functions of urban forests, parks and trees as elements of designed green spaces whether they may be helpful to integrate different social strata into the mainstream of urban society. The research focuses on the question of public acceptance of current green space management concepts which are to be investigated empirically by interviewing various groups of city dwellers. This assessment of the design and services of urban and peri-urban green spaces inquires into how present needs for green spaces are fulfilled and how the demands of the future can be met. With help of social indicators (in particular with respect to age, cultural background and class) a scheme for the prerequisites for a participatory planning will be designed. Furthermore, the meaning of prominent single trees and remarkable sites such as historical gardens, alleys etc. will be investigated with respect to their public perception, their scenic importance and potentials for future development.


  • Project start : 0000
  • Project end : 0000