Creation of an Agro-forest Thematic Park (AGRO/8.1/Nº157)

Native plant selection from the vegetation of the North of Portugal (Minho, Trás-os-Montes, Beira Alta e Douro Litoral), propagation and production in local nurseries.

Creation of new plant collections in the Botanic Garden of UTAD, composed by fruit trees, vines, horticultural varieties, meadow’s plants, as well as others with forest, commercial, and native intents.

Production of infomation material on the Agro-forestry of the North of Portugal. Design of thematic ways within the municipality of Vila Real.

  • Title Original : Criação de um Parque Temático Agro-Florestal (AGRO/8.1/Nº157)
  • Website :
  • Project start : 2010
  • Project end : 2010
  • Contact Person : Prof. Dr. Luís Fernando TORRES DE CASTRO
  • Funding Agency : FCT (Foundation for Science and Technology); AGRO/8.1/Nº157
  • Location : Portugal, Vila Real, lat : 41.287696463843270000 - lng : -7.741331136614917000 address : Rua Professor Doutor Fernando Real, 5000 Vila Real, Portugal; Portugal, Vila Real, lat : 41.301035100000000000 - lng : -7.742235400000027000
  • Image Title : Horto Utad
Image Title: Creation of an Agro-forest Thematic Park (AGRO/8.1/Nº157)Image Title: Creation of an Agro-forest Thematic Park (AGRO/8.1/Nº157)