CultTour – Cultural (Garden) Heritage as Focal Point for Sustainable Tourism in South East Europe

The CultTour project is a transnational project, approved under the South East Europe (SEE) Transnational Cooperation Programme of the European Union.

The project partnership involves eight ERDF partners from five different countries Romania, Austria,
Bulgaria, Greece and Italy.
Moreover CultTour has
one ERDF 20% partner, Germany, which is situated outside the SEE Programme area.  

CultTour aims to implement strategies for the preservation and valorisation of cultural garden and open space heritage sites. Thus, the project covers a wide
range of topics: Cultural garden and open space heritage in the whole SEE programme area will be assessed. A common methodology/tools for future conservation strategies will be defined, addressing the operative level of conservatory work. The publication of garden routes through the SEE programme
area will contribute to a raised awareness against these category of the cultural heritage.

The approach of the CultTour is based on the assumption that cultural heritage must reflect the history of the site and also must be able to be experienced by the
As gardens and open spaces are both witness of cultural identity and biodiversity, both aspects must be considered within a restoration process.

The project addresses three main topics: development of professional and integrated
concepts for the tourism sector including education, integration of open spaces/gardens in spatial development and the inter-cultural dialogue within the programme area.

  • Title Original : CultTour - Cultural (Garden) Heritage as Focal Point for Sustainable Tourism in South East Europe
  • Website :
  • Project start : 2011
  • Project end : 2013
  • Contact Person : Prof. Dr. Norbert Kühn, Dipl.-Ing. Antje Brüning
  • Funding Agency : EU
  • Project structure : LP + 8 PP + 3 Observer