Densitate şi peisaj

Enache, C.I., Mihăilă, M., 2012, Densitate şi peisaj, in: Anca Mitrache, ‘Peisaj cultural, arhitectura, tendinte, 120 de ani de invatamant superior de arhitectura’, Editura Universitara “Ion Mincu”, Bucharest

  • Author : Enache, C.I., Mihăilă, M.
  • Year : 2012
  • English Title : Density and landscape
  • Published in Book : Peisaj cultural, arhitectura, tendinte, 120 de ani de invatamant superior de arhitectura
  • Pages : 195-206
  • Abstract in English : Apparently two well known notions, landscape and density never cease to redefine their meaning and equation algorithms that are understood in the new perspectives of the sustainable and …emergent city, but especially in the light of global population growth. Urban density landscape. Extreme anthropic environment. In the context of territory expansion limitations and the need to protect the nature, urban densification means reconsideration of space. The reconsideration of urban life, image, of the landmarks and of the landscape. Where does it start and where does it end? Landscape begins where perceptions starts. Beautiful, ugly, sublime, grotesque, or as it is seen and understood by humans. Densification could mean changing or reducing perception. It could be the modeling of urban life, the alteration or augmentation of the urban values. Starting from zero/ from the scratch, the extrusion of built areas appears to be easiest to quantify while the results could be assessed in a graphic of mass densities, natural light, green space or public place(s). Reinventing all these notions, the momentary result may be different, but overall, the phenomenon of densification raise the serious question regarding the landscape that could tend in the near future to an imminent dystopia of uniform built mass, and a new interrogation on the quality of life.