‘Displaced’ children: risk and opportunities in a Caribbean urban environment

Olwig, K.F., 2003, ‘Displaced’ children: risk and opportunities in a Caribbean urban environment, in: Christensen, P. & M.O’Brien, ‘Children in the city’, RoutledgeFalmer, London

  • Author : Olwig, K.F.
  • Year : 2003
  • Published in Book : Children in the city
  • Pages : 46-65
  • Outline in English : This study points to the importance of examining children in the city in relation to the ways in which the city is constructed as place, and as a social and cultural site, in the lives of children. This perspective should be equally valid whether the researcher is concerned with children ‘confined’ to urban institutions in Europe or North America, or children ‘exposed’ to street life in the developing world. This chapter therefore calls for detailed studies of children’s place in the generational, and the wider socio-cultural, order that may allow for more in-depth and culturally sensitive analysis of what life in the city means.
  • Comments/Notes : KEYWORDS: children, cities, history, “street”, culture.