Dynamics Changing Istanbul

Turer Baskaya, F.A., 2005, Dynamics Changing Istanbul, in: ECLAS (D. Oguz), ‘Landscape change’, Department of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Agriculture Ankara University, Ankara

  • Author : Turer Baskaya, F.A.
  • Year : 2005
  • English Title : Dynamics Changing Istanbul
  • Published in Book : Landscape change
  • Pages : 139-150
  • Abstract in English : With its unique geographical situation, historical and cultural accumulation, Istanbul has been continuously changed under the local and global effects, through all its history. However, Istanbul has experienced drastic social, political, economic and spatial changes since the 1980s, which made the city face with the problems such as immense population increase, urban sprawl, social and spatial segregation between different in-come and ethnic groups, inequitable access to services and ecologically important greenfields’ opening to development. This study is focused on, “Till today which dynamics have changed Istanbul, and what may be the new dynamics of Istanbul to achieve a more attractive city with a considerable quality of life and consciousness towards ecological resources?” Achieving a more attractive Istanbul with a considerable sensitiveness to its environmental resources, concerns a wide range of policies such as policies on environment, transportation or administration besides the urban planning and designing ones. Actually, policies are dependent to each other and there are some obstacles, however the key point of such an improvement is the willingness of both the administrative authorities and citizens to attempt.