EATIA (ESPON and Territorial Impact Assessment)

has been at the forefront of work on the Territorial Impact Assessment – a tool
may help stakeholders to better anticipate and understand the territorial
impacts of policy proposals. With EATIA, which is the most recent ESPON project
in this area, rather than considering a EU wide topdown quantitative modelling
approach based on NUTS statistical regions, the possibility to use a bottom-up
approach was examined which would allow regional / local stakeholders to input
into a TIA procedure that would be managed nationally. This procedure would
allow member states to better anticipate the impacts of EU policy proposals and
formulate national positions and transposition strategies that can better
ensure the minimisation of negative territorial impacts and the enhancement of
positive outcomes. At the heart of the EATIA Final Report is a TIA guidance
document, which outlines and explains the TIA framework / methodology that was

  • Website :
  • Project start : 2010
  • Project end : 2012
  • Contact Person : Mojca Golobi?
  • Funding Agency : ESPON
  • Project Partners : University of Liverpool, Great Britain (lead partner), University of Ljubljana, Biotechical Faculty, Department for landscape arhitecture, University of Porto, Portugal, Technical University Delft, The Netherlands