Ecological restoration and the culture of nature: a pragmatic perspective

Light, A., 2000, Ecological restoration and the culture of nature: a pragmatic perspective, in: Gobster, P.H. & R. B. Hull, ‘Restoring nature’, Island Press, Washington

  • Author : Light, A.
  • Year : 2000
  • Published in Book : Restoring nature
  • Pages : 49-70
  • Abstract in English : Most environmental philosophers have failed to understand the theoretical and practical importance of ecological restoration. I believe this failure is primarily due to the mistaken impression that ecological restoration is only an attempt to restore nature itself, rather than an effort to an important part of the human relationship with nonhuman nature. In investigating this claim, the author will first discus the possibility of transforming environmental philosophy in to a more pragmatic discipline, one better suited to contributing to the formation of sound environmental policies, including ecological restoration. We need a more practically oriented philosophical contribution to discussions of ecological restoration policies than environmental philosophers have provided so far. A richer description of ethical implications of restoration will identify a large part of its value in the revitalisation of the human culture of nature. Before reaching this conclusion, however, an alternative framework for environmental philosophy as a whole is considered.
  • Comments/Notes : KEYWORDS: urban forestry, nature restoration, environmental philosophy.