EGHN – European Garden Heritage Network

Objectives of Project: From Capability Brown’s landscaping of rambling English country estates to the legacy of Le Nôtre at the Palace of Versailles, the garden heritage of the NWE region is rich and diverse, and a cultural asset in need of protection. Yet, the value and significance of these gardens is not always properly recognised by policy-makers. With increasing mechanisation and changing trends there is the risk that traditional gardening skills die out. Recognising the need for forward-planning to safeguard and celebrate ‘garden identities’ in north-west Europe, and consider the about the role of gardens and of landscape gardening within spatial planning, this German-led project brings together 9 partners from Germany, France and the United Kingdom in an effort to promote European gardens and parks as a cultural asset for regional development and as a common heritage feature in NWE. The objective of EGHN is to consolidate the sharing of resources and knowledge, the development of best practice, the creation and the implementation of joint measures and the development of transferable models. Over 5-years the project will integrate the management and marketing of gardens within regional planning strategies through a cross-fertilization of actions among partners, and the definition of transnational garden itineraries, based on the recognition of ‘anchor’ gardens that have a significant cultural and economic impact on the regional landscape. The project will seek to harmonise information on gardens through inter-regional gateways and investigate improvements to access through sustainable transport, as well as develop actions in the fields of education, innovation, conservation and the preservation of skills.

Project Timetable: 2003 – 2008

Members of the Project Team: Stiftung Schloss Dyck, Zentrum für Gartenkunst und Landschaftskultur (DE)
Comité Régional du Tourisme des Pays de la Loire (FR) Surrey County Council (UK)
Somerset County Council (UK)
Cheshire County Council (UK)
Die Freunde des National Trust in Deutschland (DE) Ministerium für Verkehr, Energie und Landesplanung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen (DE)
The National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens (NCCPG) (UK)
Nordrhein-Westfalen Tourismus e.V. (DE)

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Mr. Jens Spanjer


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