Entwurfspraktikum “Händels Grüne Sofas”

In celebration of the annual Handel Festival at Halle Saale, we (the 2nd semester Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning), had a project about design and construction of 3 small public green spaces at the market square in the hometown of the famous classical composer George Frideric Handel.
After a few drawing sessions, modelmaking and meetings with a local Landscape Architect from Halle, who was the head behind the project, we derived from all designs the common idea: to offer green “cushioned” seat opportunities.

At the Site we had some last reconsider of our design, e.g. a delicate adjustment to associate the forms with the surroundings.

The technique of construction was simple: wooden laths as outline frame with stapled geotextile, soil as a base and for modelling and as a last layer, turf. Finally we had to water and roll the lawn.

Thanks to our tutor in this project Daniel Janko and local Landscape Architect Wolfgang Aldag ( www.waldag.com ), all that wouldn’t have been possible without him and his contacts to city marketing officials and sponsors.

From 5-25 to 5-26 2010 we accomplished the construction. Enclosed some Photos about the realization and first occupation.

PS: The city plaza of Halle was designed by Rehwaldt landscape architects in 2006 ( http://www.rehwaldt.de )

  • English Title : Design Project "Handels Green Sofas"
  • University : Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, DE
  • Project was done for Course Unit : Entwerfen und Kreativitätstraining ( Design and Creativity Training )
  • Coordinates - Longitude: : 11.970242857933044000
  • Coordinates - Latitude: : 51.482662401754430000
  • Academic Year : 2009 / 10
  • City : Bernburg
  • Project Language : German
  • Location of project : Germany
  • Image Title : Halle