Environmental Values of the State Highway Corridor

The project objective was to identify the environmental values and landscape preferences of stakeholders in a pilot study of a section of state highway in the West Coast Region of New Zealand.

Values were identify for landscape preference, regional identity, and management quality

The findings contributed to the development of a proposed environmental asset management framework for the NZ state highway network, on behalf of  the New Zealand Transport Agency

  • Title Original : Environmental Values of the State Highway Corridor
  • Website : http:// www.nzta.govt.nz/resources/research/reports/503/index.html.
  • Notes :

    Clemens J, Swaffield SR and Wilson J 2011 Landscape and associated environmental values in the roadside corridor: a selected literature review. LEaP Research Report 27, Lincoln University 30pp

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  • Project start : 2009
  • Project end : 2010
  • Contact Person : Simon Swaffield
  • Funding Agency : New Zealand Transport Agency
  • Project Partners : NZTA Regional Office Canterbury and Westland
  • Project structure :

    THe project involved stakeholders (managers, contractors, road user representatives) undertaking a series of Q sorts involving photographs of roadside reserves along a part of the NZ State Highway network.

    The Q sorts were administered in workshops, and included written explanations by stakeholders for their rankings