EU Monitoring Project

Objectives of Project: This project, following an initiative by
our German and Swiss member
associations BDLA and BSLA,
addresses a main priority of EFLA. The
project has the combined purpose to
monitor the European Commission and
the European Parliament in order to
influence the EU on landscape issues, and
to improve methods to strengthen
landscape aspects in EU’s work. Project
coordinator is Mario Kahl from our
German association, BDLA. Doris
Klughardt and Prof Fritz Auweck, both
from Germany, are members of a network
to work with the issues of interest. At
present a survey is beeing carried out of
areas of concern to landscape architects
and a programme for lobbying is drawn

Project Timetable: 2004 / 2005

Results/Outcomes: survey
lobbying programme


  • Project start : 0000
  • Project end : 0000