Euroscapes – Sustainable management of European landscape

EUROSCAPES is a shared vision on the necessity to tackle natural and cultural landscapes? management issues in urban and peri-urban areas at an interregional level and in a sustainable way. The EUROSCAPES project addresses the issue of managing – meaning maintaining, preserving, protecting and enhancing – natural and cultural landscapes in urban and peri-urban areas, namely green spaces like parks, gardens, squares, planted areas, water areas and watersides, but also towns? gateways, deprived green areas, and cultural landscapes composed of built heritage, historical sites? In urban and peri-urban areas facing demographic changes, climate change issues, increasing economic constraints, environmental challenges?

  • Title Original : Euroscapes
  • Website : http://
  • Project start : 2010
  • Project end : 2012
  • Contact Person :
  • Funding Agency : The EUROSCAPES project is financed in part by the European Union
  • Project Partners : Syndicat d?Agglomération Nouvelle de Marne-la-Vallée Val Maubuée, France (lead partner), Municipality of Loures (PT), City-region of Gießen-Wetzlar (DE), Autonomous Government of Canarias (SP),Faculty of Architecture, Institute of Garden and Landscape Architecture (SK), Sigulda district council (LV), University Sapienza of Rome, Department of Territorial and Urban Planning (IT), Lake Balaton Development Coordination Agency (HU), South-East Regional Development Agency of Romania (RO), City of Trikala (GR), Granollers city council (SP), Municipality of Toru? (PL), European New Towns Platform, ENTP (BE), London Thames Gateway (UK)
  • Project structure : Partners of EUROSCAPES have the ambitious objective of offering a new management model for these landscapes, as a milestone policy instrument to implement the European Landscape Convention treaty objectives. They have identified complementarities in their tools, practices and policy instruments to deal with landscape management. They will refine these complementarities, exchange and transfer good practices with a scientific support and use these good practices to feed the Landscapes Management Plan (LMP) they will develop; LMP are based on an environmental, quality and economical approach in the maintenance and management of our natural and cultural landscapes. They will integrate important education and sensitization dimensions and take into account the territorial strategy, urban master plans etc. The project rests on three main innovative aspects. The areas concerned ? natural and cultural landscapes in urban and peri-urban areas (green spaces like gardens, parks, squares? but also paths, riversides, deprived landscapes etc.) ? are not well taken into account in planning and protecting instruments today and not in a coherent and sustainable way The approach is based on a global strategic plan using the differentiated management methodology Partners have all committed to jointly develop a Landscapes Management Plan, as a new model of sustainable and integrated management strategy, which will be based on the good practices analysed and exchanged.