Evaluation of Physical Landscape Identity Components of Rural Settlements in Bodrum Peninsula

The goals of this research is to define physical landscape identity components in Bodrum Peninsula, Turkey and to set the strategies to protect and enhance this identity .With this regard the aims of the research can be summarized as follows;

1-Definition of the parameters for landscape identity of rural settlements

2-Morphological classification of settlements in Bodrum Peninsula

3-Analyze the physical landscape identity of , Müskebi, Gürece, Akçaalan, Karakaya, Gümü?lük and Turgutreis and prepare landscape identity cards for each settlement

3. To develop landscape strategies to protect and enhance ?andscape identity of those settlements

  • Title Original : Bodrum Yar?madas? K?rsal Yerle?imleri Fiziksel Peyzaj Kimlik Özelliklerinin Tespiti
  • Website : http://
  • Project start : 2013
  • Project end : 2014
  • Contact Person : Meltem Erdem Kaya
  • Funding Agency : Istanbul Technical University
  • Project Partners : H.Serdar Kaya, Fatih Terzi