Further development and implementation of the OKSTRA® to its use in standard and specialized applications in the field of landscape planning

Several media breaks were detected in the past, in the data exchange between road planners and landscape planning, and in the exchange of data within the various planning levels of landscape planning (UVS, FFH-VP, LBP, LAP). Causes are the lack of modeling of the necessary objects that arise in the context of landscape planning and the lack of implementation of the OKSTRA® (Objekt katalog für das Straßen- und Verkehrswesen) into existing GIS systems, which exist in the landscape planning application.
The Hochschule Anhalt (FH) landscape computer science research group developed in this research project the expansion of the OKSTRA® objects of landscape planning and an exemplary implementation in a specific application in the landscaping area. An accompanying group of partners from private practices, the Administration and the Federal Highway Research Institute supported the project. The exemplary implementation in a software product is ensured through cooperation with a software company. The diverse requirements of theory and practice in the modeling of OKSTRA ® objects and their implementation in a software product was then ensured.

  • Title Original : Weiterentwicklung und Implementierung des OKSTRA® zu dessen Nutzung in Standardsoftware und Fachapplikationen im Fachgebiet Landschaftsplanung
  • Website : http://www.mla-online.de/OKSTRA-Webseite/index_.php?UM=1
  • Notes : Research team: HEINS, M., PIETSCH, M., BUHMANN, E., SCHULTZE, C.
  • Project start : 0000
  • Project end : 0000
  • Contact Person : Erich Buhmann
  • Funding Agency : Research project of the Hochschule Anhalt (FH) promoted by the BMBF