Garden initiatives – Situation and perspective of recent and traditional garden types and their meaning for communal open space design

This research project deals with the elaboration of new trends and tendences in urban gardening. It aims on the one hand at the analysis of changes in traditional garten forms such as allotment gardens, on the other at new types of gardens, such as international gardens, harvesting gardens, community gardens etc.

It is to be examined to which social developments and shifts in demand they can be traced and how the individual actors respond to these changes – here, the reaction of the communal city and open space planning authority is of interest in particular:
Is there such a thing as a policy of local garden supply or at least approaches for this and may it be a strategy or a component in context of urban regeneration/ redevelopment and/or policy of temporary uses.

This addresses the question as to which (probably different) positions on this issue potentially-distorting city officials are taking. the goal is to develop strategies for a proper consideration of the “garden question” in the communal open space planning and policy.

  • Title Original : Garteninitiativen - Stand und Perspektiven aktueller und traditioneller Gartentypen und ihre Bedeutung für die kommunale Freiraumplanung
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  • Project start : 0000
  • Project end : 2010
  • Contact Person : Prof. Dr. Maria Spitthöver, Dipl. Ing. Ilka Appel, Dipl.-Ing. Christina Grebe
  • Funding Agency : DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft), Bonn