Genzyme Centre: Cambridge USA, 2000-2003

Behnisch, 2004, Genzyme Centre: Cambridge USA, 2000-2003, International Green roof Associatio

  • Author : Behnisch
  • Year : 2004
  • Pages : 151-153
  • Publisher : International Green roof Associatio
  • Abstract in English : The Genzyme Center was finished last year and is one of the greenest and most environmentally responsible office buildings ever built in the United States. Internally, a climate oasis has been created. Bifurcating like a tree over its 12-story height, the atrium contributes to the natural ventilation of the building and enhances the indoor environmental quality. In addition, the environmental design of the building considers the following points: sustainable site development, water and energy-savings and materials selection. The living’ vegetation roof is an integral component of the sustainable concept, improving storm water management and the local climatic conditions.
  • Comments/Notes : KEYWORDS: green roofs, architecture, environment. SEE ALSO: IGRA. International Green Roof Congress. Conference Transcript. International Green roof Association, Berlin. Behnisch is the name of the Company. Gunter Behnisch was born in Dresden in 1922. He trained at the Technical University in Stuttgart then worked for Rolf Gutbrod for one year before he started his own practice.