GIS-based monitoring of landscape changes on Gozo Islands, Malta

Buhmann, E., 2005, GIS-based monitoring of landscape changes on Gozo Islands, Malta, in: ECLAS (D. Oguz), ‘Landscape change’, Department of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Agriculture Ankara University, Ankara

  • Author : Buhmann, E.
  • Year : 2005
  • Published in Book : Landscape change
  • Pages : 208-210
  • Abstract in English : "GIS-based Monotoring of Landscape changes and Landscape Architecture Proposals for Gozo Islands Malta" The Islands of Malta, with their intriguing location between the European and African continents, have been attracting visitors for over seven thousand years. There are many reasons for choosing the Maltese Islands as a “Study Area” for introducing landscape architecture, but the breathtaking beauty of the islands is without a doubt the foremost reason that a German professor of landscape architecture would select Malta as a study site. It is, however, also the challenge of having students exposed to working in a European setting where landscape architecture as a profession has not yet been introduced.