Göksu Park

  • Address : Etimesgut
  • Area : 581.000 m2
  • GPS X : 0.000000000000000000
  • GPS Y : 0.000000000000000000
  • Project start : 2002
  • Project end : 2002
  • Implementation start : 2002
  • Implementation end : 2003
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  • Client : Greater Municipality of Ankara
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  • Brief Description : Göksu Park is the most important recreation area of Ankara which is put into service in a short period of approximately 100 days. The total area of usage is 508.000 m². 127.189 m² of this area is composed as a pond. There is a “Mississipi Ship” and there are boats for excursion in the pond and besides these, there are 9 catwalks regarding to the establishments which does not cause to search the sea air and there is an island with natural beauty and there are marshy places.

    The total green area is 250.200 m², and on this area, 98.700 units of trees, shrubs and bushes are implanted. There are lots of area which can be used for social, cultural and sportive usages where the park, water and green are all together. The leading ones are; Sail stepped Island Restaurant, Tepe restaurant, tea gardens Cinema Saloons, Gymnasium, Child Playing Fields, Car Park Areas, 13.000 m² picnic area with 473 barbecues, Mountain Coaster which is the first in Turkey where adrenaline and entertainment are performed together, wooden walking road with 1.6 km port length, lighthouse which provides panoramic view and it is a new and popular places of Ankara which is worth to be seen and loitered.
  • Project Name : Original : Göksu Parki
  • Type : Parks, Public gardens
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Image Title: Göksu ParkImage Title: Göksu ParkImage Title: Göksu Park