Green infrastructure planning guide

Davies, C., R. MacFarlane, C. McGloin; M. Roe, 2006?, Green infrastructure planning guide, Green Infrastructure

  • Author : Davies, C., R. MacFarlane, C. McGloin; M. Roe
  • Year : 2006?
  • Title English : Green infrastructure planning guide - version 1.1
  • Pages : 43
  • Publisher : Green Infrastructure
  • Abstract in English : Introduction "The aim of this Planning Guide is to provide a method by which those interested and involved in pushing forward the development of green infrastructure planning on the ground might develop their own green infrastructure plans. The purpose of the guide is to facilitate the production of geographically-based green infrastructure plans. It is intended that this method might help to provide a more informed and systematic way to consider the competing priorities of green infrastructure within the spatial planning process. The objective is also to provide a catalyst for discussion and for the exploration of methods of green infrastructure planning – it does not aim to provide a prescriptive methodology, but a flexible technique that can be moulded to fit ‘real world’ requirements. A short background to green infrastructure is provided, but the main body of this Guide is based on a step-by-step description of the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in order to achieve (a) a baseline green infrastructure map, and (b) a framework whereby six major questions can be addressed in order to establish what should be conserved in the existing environment, what should be enhanced or changed and what or where new green infrastructure should be created. It is anticipated that the majority of users of this guide are already engaged with aspects of geographical or functional based planning including: Strategists and policymakers; town & country planners engaged in local authority planning and private practice; environmental sector professionals; landscape architects and landscape planners, regeneration specialists, consultants; research students."
  • Outline in English : Contents 1. Introduction to the Planning Guide 2. Definition and Principles of Green Infrastructure 3. Context and Functions of Green Infrastructure 4. Characteristics of Green Infrastructure 5. The Typology of Green Infrastructure as developed by stakeholders 6. Helpful History 7. Liveability of Cities of the Future 8. Reference Standards 9. Standard for GI Planning 10. Why Green Infrastructure Planning 11. Types of GI Plans 12. Developing a GI Plan using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) 13. Using GIS to make informed judgements about GI 14. Questions for Planners 15. Green Infrastructure Plan Delivery 16. Delivery Priorities 17. References 18. Future Developments 19. Contact information Appendices A. OS Mastermap descriptive terms B. Datasets used
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