Green roof research in the USA

Beattie, D.J., 2004, Green roof research in the USA, International Green roof Association

  • Author : Beattie, D.J.
  • Year : 2004
  • Pages : 107-110
  • Publisher : International Green roof Association
  • Abstract in English : Presently, green roof marketing efforts in North America exceed the research knowledge and technical base, especially about the interaction of plants and media. The results are often poorly installed roofs. Therefore, education of green roof professionals – roofers, landscape contractors, and architects – is of primary importance. In addition, developing standards for green roof installation in North America is also a priority. This paper discusses the state of industry and focus on the development of educational programmes and standards for green roof installation in North America.
  • Comments/Notes : KEYWORDS: green roofs, education. SEE ALSO:IGRA, 2004. International Green Roof Congress. Conference Transcript. International Green roof Association, Berlin. 176 p.